COVID-19 Notice

Right Now, the world might seem pretty scary and uncertain and in combination with being isolated, many people are needing even more support with their emotional well being than usual. Just because we are staying home doesn't mean we can't access support for this.

During the COVID-19 situation, as government guidelines are to stay inside, therapy is being offered via telephone or by video conferencing in order to provide the support you need in a safe way.

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ReImagine Therapy

Feeling low or anxious? Do your thoughts race? Are you feeling stuck? ReImagine a life without these difficulties. If you are ready to make some positive changes about how you are feeling, ReImagine Therapy can help you.
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My Experience

My training experience began when I was working as an Assistant Psychologist. In collaboration with my supervisor and multi-disciplinary team, I built skills in training and completed research on the evidence-base behind the subject matters that I was interested in and had experience in working with. I then spent a great deal of time training residential care workers and other professionals on topics such as; attachment theory, the impact of trauma on the brain, parenting looked after young people, working with self-harm and other risk behaviours, recognising mental health difficulties, and emotion regulation.

Following this, I worked for a suicide prevention charity, on a suicide prevention helpline supporting people with thoughts of suicide and those helping others with these thoughts. During my time here, I completed training in the ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) model, the only World Health Organisation-approved, evidence-based suicide prevention model. This was the model I used every day on the helpline and I built up experience in adapting the model based on who I was supporting. In this company, I became the manager of the helpline and a large part of this role was training others to support people with thoughts of suicide, adapting my approach to fit with a multitude of experiences and personalities. I also trained young people, parents, teachers, doctors, and other professionals within this role, focusing on suicide prevention in addition to self-harm, emotion regulation, and different areas within mental health.