COVID-19 Notice

Right Now, the world might seem pretty scary and uncertain and in combination with being isolated, many people are needing even more support with their emotional well being than usual. Just because we are staying home doesn't mean we can't access support for this.

During the COVID-19 situation, as government guidelines are to stay inside, therapy is being offered via telephone or by video conferencing in order to provide the support you need in a safe way.

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ReImagine Therapy

Feeling low or anxious? Do your thoughts race? Are you feeling stuck? ReImagine a life without these difficulties. If you are ready to make some positive changes about how you are feeling, ReImagine Therapy can help you.
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Client Feedback

All of the feedback below is from clients throughout their therapy journey with me, to highlight how they have felt working with me at different stages. I have obtained consent from each of them to share their own words on here;

‘I cannot recommend ReImagine enough as a CBT venue, you need to be open and fully engaged in the process but the rewards are life-changing!!!’

‘A brilliant experience, constantly examining thought and traumas was ultimately rewarding. Also having my mind behave in ways it never has gives confidence that I can cope in the future’.

‘All I can say is thank you. I think back to what I was like at the start of therapy compared to now and I can’t believe it. I am just so lucky I found such an amazing therapist’.

‘Just to let you know I was feeling very nervous about today and you've made it a lot easier than I imagined’.

‘A totally open honest and non-judgemental environment was very addictive! Jessica was the consummate professional – insightful, helpful questions and advice gave me a place to think for the first time’.

‘You have helped me so much, thank you’.

‘I still remember that session after I had been rambling and then you told me that there are different models we can work with but you think it would be this one that would help. Then all of a sudden I thought ‘she has seen right through my rambling bulls***t and actually seen me’. At that point, I realised that you knew exactly what you were doing and that I needed to up my game and be as on it with helping myself as you were’.

‘Thanks so much for your help - you've made a real positive difference to my life and always been approachable, responsive and patient throughout the sessions’.

‘Your approach makes a big difference to me and I'm sure lots of other people’.

‘I wanted to let you know I appreciate your use of gender neutral pronouns around partners and in general inclusive language. I notice this detail and it makes a difference so thank you’.

‘I can’t bulls***t you. I couldn’t believe that you cut through everything and just got what I had been covering up for so long’.